Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wow. Time flies. I can't believe it has been almost 5 months since I have blogged. Over the last few monthes a lot has happened.
Carson and I had a great summer together. I went to several workshops in June, but had July with Carson. We went to the park several times, played with Anna and Addie, and took long naps.
Lisa and Grant got married in August. They had a beautiful wedding beside Jackie's pool. I was scared the whole time that Carson or Anna would fall into the pool. It ended up being Addie that fell head first into the deep end. Luckily, Grant had taught her to swim this summer. She was so embarrassed that she cried.
School started and Carson headed back to Lala's. He loves going to Lala's house. He never cried. He loves playing with Walker and Reed.
I can't hardly remember September because it went so fast. And now we are in October.
A teacher at my school has a 4 year old girl named Hannah. Hannah was diagnosed with Leukemia. She had a stroke shortly after arriving at Children's. Since then, she had gotten worse. We are praying that she will pull through all of this. It is very hard seeing a mother go through this. I just saw Hannah at the Freedom Celebration on September 11th. She was standing right behind me waving a flag. The next week she is in Little Rock. Crazy! Life can change in a blink of an eye.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 year check up

I have not blogged for awhile, so I thought I would write something today. We just got home from Carson's 2 year check up. Dr. Ball said he was doing great, which is always music to a mother's ears. Dr. Ball said that Carson was around 60% in height and weight. He weighed 29 pounds and is 35 inches tall. Dr. Ball said he is developing normally. As a mom (and teacher) I think you secretly worry if your child is developing normally. When your a teacher, you have students in your class that have not developed normally, and you secretly think what if that was my child. As a mom you hear other parents say things such as "my child can count to 10 and know all of their colors," and in the back of your mind you are thinking "Oh no, my child can't do any of those things." I was at a workshop the other day and a guy was saying, "My daughter knows all of her colors." I just smiled and said, "My child can throw a ball. Does that count?" I can see it now. I am going to be one of those parents that have the bumper sticker that says "my kid can beat up your honor roll kid." No, not really. Carson is just Carson. He hates to be sung the ABC song. It is funny. He covers his ears and says "No mommy no. " I know it is the song and not my singing:)lol. He may not be able to count or say his ABC, but he is the sweetest gift from God that I could ever ask for.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Boys will be boys

Boys are very different creatures than girls. Girls will usually look at stuff and touch it, but boys seem to want to take things apart. Carson is into EVERYTHING! Right now as I type, I can hear him in my bedroom. I know that sound that I can hear. It is the sound of my DVD player. He is pushing the button that makes the DVD tray side in and out. I know I need to jump up and make him stop, but I am to tired.
Today when I picked him up from daycare, Lala said that he was into everything. That is the usual now days. Last night he was jumping on the bed when I was trying to get him to lay down. I wish that I had a little of his energy. All I need is a little:)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Turkey Hunting

What is it with men and hunting? When hunting season comes along, they eat, sleep, and breath it. When we first got married, I always told Scotty that I wanted a hobby too. He would say something like,"Why don't you knit or something?" I would roll my eyes and say that sounds like a load of fun. Now that I have Carson, I don't have that need any more. I guess that I am to tired to worry about a hobby. Today Scotty took Carson and went to my mom and dad's to hunt. I went and got my nails done. How's that for a hobby:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Carson is turning 2!

Carson is going to turn 2 next week. I can't believe it! Boy, does time fly. He went to the doctor this week, and he weighs 29 pounds. (no wonder my back hurts:) He also still had one of his tubes in his ear. It has been in there for 1 year and 4 months. Yeah!
Next week we are having a combined birthday party with Anna at Durham's Gym. It is going to be an Elmo party. They love Elmo.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

"The Frog"

This morning Scotty and I were standing in our living room looking at each other, and we both started laughing until we both about cried. It was one of those moments that it was better to laugh than to cry. Let me paint the picture of our morning.
Carson and I were standing in our familiar spots. He was standing on his stool and I was standing over his shoulder waiting for him to "try to pee pee in the potty." (toilet paper in hand) After much trying, he finally decided to call it quits. I walked away to get a new diaper. While I was gone (for the 5 seconds), he made a BIG puddle on the floor. Of course I stepped in it when I came in the bathroom. While I was standing there taking off my wet sock, he ran past me and out the bathroom door. When I got my sock off and thrown in the laundry room, I headed after him to put his diaper on before he makes more "puddles" around the house. When I turn the corner into the living room, I almost stepped in poop. (Yes, on my carpet) After I finished screaming, I grabbed more paper and cleaned that up. When I returned to the living room, my half naked boy was running laps around the dining room. That is when Scotty and I just stopped and took in what was happening in our lives, and we had a good laugh. I think it was better than crying. Finally Scotty said, "I don't think this is working." I said, "No kidding!" So later I went to the store and got a plain potty. When I brought it home, we took one look at it and knew it would not work. Scotty took it back to the store and brought home the frog potty. Carson has gone to the potty more times than I can count this afternoon. Praise God! I have not cleaned up pee pee in 6 hours. I am so proud of "The Frog" that I decided to put its picture on the blog.
One final thought for day. Parenting is funny. When Carson was a newborn, I thought this must be the hardest stage. I was up all hours of the night. I was so tired. I thought life will be a piece of cakes when he sleeps all night. Now I have learned that each stage that kids go through are different. Some parts easier in some ways but harder in other ways.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Potty Training

Who is really being potty trained here? Carson or me? I am starting to wonder that more and more each day. Carson is 23 months old, and he has decided that he wants to start potty training me. He started taking his pants and diaper off about a month or two ago. If you didn't see Carson for a few minutes or if you heard a strange ripping sound, you knew you needed to start looking for him. You knew in the back of your mind that he was in a quite place pulling off his diaper. I think this was initiated by watching the other kids at his daycare using the potty. Our next step was purchasing a little set to go on the big potty and a blue step stool. The set was really cute. It had Diego on it. Mistake #1: do not buy something with your child's favorite character on it and expect them to set on it. Carson would not set on Diego, so he started standing in front of Diego. So that is were we are today. Carson standing in front of the potty trying to potty. Did I mention that Carson is only one? So he is short and not just in his height. Do you think he makes it into the potty? Answer: NO. That is were my potty training comes in. He is quickly training me on how to clean up his potty. Both kinds of potty (if you know what I mean). Yes, as you can guess he does not like to set on Diego to go #2 either. So, on to the next idea. We are going to try a potty chair. I don't think he will set on the chair, but I am getting really tired of my potty training. I will let you know how it turns out. To Be Continued...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Carson's Big Day

The day Carson arrived was not the happiest day for me. I carried Carson full term. I had had light contractions for 5 weeks. The doctor decided to induce me one day after my due date. I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning of April 16th. I was given an epidural and potosim. Finally around noon, they broke my water. Around 6 they told me it was time to push. My sister was video taping the special event and Scotty was at my side. He was only there for a short time because he got very sick and had to leave the room. (and he passed out 2 times after he left) So my sister was left alone. I pushed for 2 solid hours and Carson was coming very slowly. The doctor even brought in a mirror, so I could see the progress that I was making. (didn't help) Finally, I made up my mind that this baby was coming out. I kept quoting Philippians 4:13 to the nurses. At 8:00 Carson was born. I was so tired that I was barely aware of what was going on around me. But I remember that I kept asking "Why is he not crying?" I remember that he was a kind of gray color. The nurses were slapping him on the bottom of his feet but he still didn't cry. They laid Carson on my chest for a minute and then they took him away. Later the doctor came in to explain what was going on but I was so tired that I couldn't understand was he was saying. My friend Lee was there. She prayed for Carson. I had peace after that. After a while, they told me that Carson was not breathing correctly. He had a bubble between his lungs and his breastbone. He has to stay under a oxygen hood all night. The next morning the bubble had disappeared (Praise God!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Scotty and I met when we were very young, but we did not get to know each other until years later. I am two years older than Scotty. He was in the ninth grade, and I was in the eleventh grade. I did not have a date to the prom, so I decided to invite him. (He had come into the store a couple of times. I knew he had broken up with his girlfriend.) When I asked him, he said that he would have to ask him mom. When prom arrived, I had to drive us because Scotty had just turned 15. We drove my sister's purple car to prom. We only stayed an hour or so because my hair fell down. (that was my excuse to leave) Little did I know that I would take him to my senior prom the next year and go with him to his junior and senior prom also.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Growing up on the farm (Teresa)

I grew up on a 2,000 acre farm in Southeast Madison County. I lived 16 miles from town. Our nearest neighbor was my uncle. My mom and dad raised chickens and beef cattle. Lisa and I had to work some on the farm. I thought I had to work a lot until I met Scotty, and I learned what real work was. My main job was to help mom around the house. When the chickens were little, I had to help my parents feed chickens by hand (which means a scoop and a wheelbarrow). We also had to water the chickens with a bucket. We also would pick up the dead chickens in the morning. Other than working in the chicken house, we had other jobs, such as bottle feeding calves, helping clean the house, mowing the lawn, or picking up rocks. I loved living on a farm. I loved being outside with my dad. I was his shadow. I love to go with him and check the cows and feed the turkeys.

Getting Started

I have been wanting to create a blog for a long time. I am wanting to keep track of our history, but I am not good at writing things down. Here I go.