Thursday, February 19, 2009


Scotty and I met when we were very young, but we did not get to know each other until years later. I am two years older than Scotty. He was in the ninth grade, and I was in the eleventh grade. I did not have a date to the prom, so I decided to invite him. (He had come into the store a couple of times. I knew he had broken up with his girlfriend.) When I asked him, he said that he would have to ask him mom. When prom arrived, I had to drive us because Scotty had just turned 15. We drove my sister's purple car to prom. We only stayed an hour or so because my hair fell down. (that was my excuse to leave) Little did I know that I would take him to my senior prom the next year and go with him to his junior and senior prom also.

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