Sunday, March 8, 2009

"The Frog"

This morning Scotty and I were standing in our living room looking at each other, and we both started laughing until we both about cried. It was one of those moments that it was better to laugh than to cry. Let me paint the picture of our morning.
Carson and I were standing in our familiar spots. He was standing on his stool and I was standing over his shoulder waiting for him to "try to pee pee in the potty." (toilet paper in hand) After much trying, he finally decided to call it quits. I walked away to get a new diaper. While I was gone (for the 5 seconds), he made a BIG puddle on the floor. Of course I stepped in it when I came in the bathroom. While I was standing there taking off my wet sock, he ran past me and out the bathroom door. When I got my sock off and thrown in the laundry room, I headed after him to put his diaper on before he makes more "puddles" around the house. When I turn the corner into the living room, I almost stepped in poop. (Yes, on my carpet) After I finished screaming, I grabbed more paper and cleaned that up. When I returned to the living room, my half naked boy was running laps around the dining room. That is when Scotty and I just stopped and took in what was happening in our lives, and we had a good laugh. I think it was better than crying. Finally Scotty said, "I don't think this is working." I said, "No kidding!" So later I went to the store and got a plain potty. When I brought it home, we took one look at it and knew it would not work. Scotty took it back to the store and brought home the frog potty. Carson has gone to the potty more times than I can count this afternoon. Praise God! I have not cleaned up pee pee in 6 hours. I am so proud of "The Frog" that I decided to put its picture on the blog.
One final thought for day. Parenting is funny. When Carson was a newborn, I thought this must be the hardest stage. I was up all hours of the night. I was so tired. I thought life will be a piece of cakes when he sleeps all night. Now I have learned that each stage that kids go through are different. Some parts easier in some ways but harder in other ways.

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